Robert Aronson


I was blessed in being raised by parents who instilled a strong work ethic and understanding that I needed to excel in everything I do in life. My parents also provided me a "Can Do" attitude, both in what I could do with my hands and my mind. The combination of these fundamental drivers has provided me tremendous confidence in vision in my personal life and work.

I recently retired from a 45 year career in engineering. As part of this career, I spent a lot of time designing and troubleshooting Process Facilities and Process Operations. I have 2 important patents where I am the sole inventor.

I love to design and build using wood. Wood is a truly beautiful nature material, and allows a person to build something that can last a lifetime. Woodworking is also a very challenging skill and there is an endless amount of knowledge which one can learn as part of this trade. I love learning new techniques associated with woodworking, and to apply these techniques to expand the beauty of wood.

I believe that it is very import to work hard, develop a strong combination of skills between the mind and body, and to combine those with producing beautiful furniture or other items. Woodworking is a natural fit based on my personal upbringing, my creative mind, and my desire towards creating items which and value and inspiration to life.

Robert G. Aronson

Inventor and Designer





Cherry and Walnut Bench


Cherry and Walnut Bench