Lauren Beights


Lauren Beights is a self-taught oil painter who never outgrew her childhood love of horses and art. While it remains unclear which came first, the two remain inseparable.

Growing up in rural Virginia, Lauren spent much of her time riding and drawing horses. Lauren was first introduced to oils as a young teenager. Having drawn horses her whole life, her first oil painting was of a grey mare and foal. It was love at first brush stroke and from then onward she spent countless hours painting what came most natural to her, horses. Over the years, Lauren has specialized in equestrian oil paintings, captivating clients with her unique style. 

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Lauren decided to pursue her passion of oil painting. When she’s not at her easel, Lauren enjoys horseback riding, traveling, hiking and skiing. Over the years, Lauren has visited over 40 countries and has explored many destinations on horseback. Painting horses remains her true love. 


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