Daniel Meyer


See a Dan Meyer work and the instant reaction is: "Where have I seen this before?" The answer is probably: "In an Absolut Vodka advertisement." Dan's work has been featured in countless international publications sporting the famous Vodka advertisements; however, each creation is distinct.

Myers' style is consistent but the imaginative applications from this incredible artist are so diverse, so unbelievably creative and always so provocatively amusing that his stamp is without parallel. Dan Meyer cannot put together such remarkable combinations of materials without creating fresh, provocative, always wonderfully quixotic works of unforgettable art. Working with such unusual combinations of materials it is impossible for this industrious artist not to find new ways to bring his unique talents into play. It is always a happy challenge for him, also, to accept commissions to incorporate specific musical instruments. These are tests and stimulants for his imagination and spark his artistic sensibilities. No idea, he maintains, is so unusual as to obviate a challenge. He runs with new challenges and welcomes such demands. A native of Chicago who received experience at Chicago's famous school of the Art Institute and the American Academy of Art, plus the College of DuPage and the Naguib School of Sculpture, Dan has emerged with a distinctive and recognizable style. An innovative sculptor and painter, he brings his extraordinary talent to every work with constantly renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Quiet and unassuming, he "explodes" via his work in his own wonderfully creative world. Several universities, banks and major corporations are proud of their Meyer sculptures. The Palm Beach International Airport and McDonalds Corporation, for example, and Harley Davidson, Alabama Power & Light and the Everhart museum are but a few, and the Absolut Vodka Collection is pleased to own original Dan Meyer pieces.



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