Shona Stone Sculpture

Shona stone sculpture has been acclaimed as the most important form of art to have emerged from Africa during the 20th century and a contemporary art phenomenon worldwide This unique style of stone art has only emerged from Africa in the last 40 years and is placed in art galleries, museums and private collections.. The Shona– and their ancestors have lived and died on the land of South East Africa. This tribe has survived invaders , natural predators, drought, famine, disease and oppression. They continue to live by the tenet of “live together and we will continue to survive”. Shona stone sculpture is a profound expression of human connections that transcend both geography and time. They say that the spirits of their ancestors come to them in their dreams to reveal images that live within the rock. Once released, the spirits soar with mystical and dynamic themes that strive within our human shared consciousness. The great ancestors of the Shona people have us marveling at their genius and the work of Great Zimbabwe. Generations later, we marvel at the fact that the stones still hold dreams for the Shona. These dreams, once struck from within the rock, will live forever. “Shona Chief” By Jonathan Gusta