Jorn Mork

Artist Statement

"I create hand-colored etchings and etching constructions. The design is etched on a printing plate and then transferred to paper by pressure using black ink. The resulting print is hand colored with permanent inks. My oil paintings are oil over an underpainting of acrylic using a sgraffito technique. I feel art is supposed to project emotion. Whether it is joy, sadness, despair, anger, strength or whatever - if somehow the artist conveys emotion to the viewer, then the artist has managed to do a good job." My artwork is a reflection of emotions going on in my life. No, my ideas don't originate from dreams, but from my background, nature, spirituality, and my personal approach to the world. When I start drawing, I just draw. I don't let that white piece of paper intimidate me so I just draw anything. Hopefully,if it's a productive day, an idea begins to take shape on my paper. My best ideas are the ones I visually see in my head - complete and finished in full color. I have worked hard to develop my own style. When a viewer smiles or looks through tears at my work I feel satisfied with what I've accomplished."